Financial Statements, BAS & Tax Returns

We are detail orientated, enjoy routine and understand systems like Xero as if they are our native language. I guess we’re a little bit odd like that which means you don’t need to be if it’s not your thing.  

Preparing financial statements, collecting GST, lodging BAS’s and submitting tax returns is the necessary evil that you sign up for when you go into business… We’ll make sure you stay out of trouble with the tax man by lodging all the important documents with the ATO before they are due. If they do happen to come asking questions we can handle that without you having to worry. 

Keeping accurate, up to date financial information is a great way to stay on top of how you’re progressing towards your goals each quarter, and we love having this opportunity! This is the basic service you need when you’re running a business, but keep in mind, it is the bare bones. By nature, this sort of accounting looks backwards at what you’ve done. If you have decisions to make, want to improve your margins and profitability, or project your outcomes, then you may need to choose a more detailed service.

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Help, my business isn’t working!

You went into business to make a tidy profit and enjoy more freedom. If you’re not making the profits that you wanted, or if you need to get a handle on your cash flow, we’d love to help. 

We look ahead by developing a detailed budget and projections, specifically for your unique business. We’ll work side by side with you to develop a strategy for this improvement. 

We’ve got loads of experience dealing with financial models, banks, and investors. People often describe our expert Excel skills as “legendary”. 

Tax Planning

There are lots of tax planning strategies that business owners can use to legally reduce their tax. Unfortunately not many accountants take the time to make sure you understand & implement the options that are best for you. Strategies change from year to year as the government continues to move the goal posts and change the tax rules. 

It’s our job to make sure you don’t pay any more than you need to and we do this throughout the year, rather than after 30 June when it’s already too late. 

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Structure & Restructure 

Getting your business structure right, right from the beginning is important when you’re starting out. With the right structure set up, you can stride boldly into the world of running a business.

It’s important to get advice regularly to make sure you’re still using the right structures. Personal circumstances change, business changes, rules change and you want to make sure you’re not paying too much tax or leaving your personal assets at risk. 

Personal tax returns

Submitting your tax return shouldn’t be difficult. We’ve had a whole heap of practice. We’ve prepared hundreds (thousands? we've lost count, that's embarrassing) of tax returns and we know exactly what questions to ask to make sure you’re claiming everything that you're entitled to. We also know a couple of jokes. That helps pass the time in between the tax questions. Everyone’s a winner baby, that’s no lie (that’s no lie). Book in for a tax return

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We’ve taken everything we’ve learned dealing with small business and applied it in the world of non-profit organisations. Rather than burning out the volunteers in your organisation, we can step in and make sure you’re using the best systems and processes to make it all run smoothly. Stop sweating over receipts, invoices, budgets and bank statements and get back to making an impact on your community. 


You’ve had a hard day on the tools. The last thing you want to do of an evening is your bookkeeping… and I’d bet your significant other would agree… The only positive here is that it might help put you to sleep. 

Bookkeeping doesn’t put us to sleep though! We secretly, (not so secretly), love it (don’t tell anyone). If you’ve had enough and would just like someone else to take care of that for you, then get in touch.  

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Systems & process design

Simplicity is the key to efficiency. Let’s cut out the unnecessary and find new and better ways of doing things. If you’re feeling frustrated with the systems and processes in your business… but you don’t know where to start, just drop us a line.