An accountant that won't treat you like a number!

You went into business to make a profit and enjoy more freedom. Preparing financial statements, pulling your hair out over tax returns and business activity statements wasn't on your wish list. But don't worry, that's where we step in. We're awesome at taking care of the "tax stuff" for small business.

We are all over the little details & the routine. I guess we're a little bit odd, but that's okay, right? We'll make sure you stay out of trouble with the tax man by lodging everything on time, avoiding those nasty penalties and only paying your fair share. Not a dollar more. 

Keeping up to date financial records isn't just for tax. It's a great way to review how you're progressing towards your goals. Are you smashing it, breaking even or just flying blind?   

Our second super skill is making things hum. Simplicity is the key to efficiency. Let’s cut out the unnecessary and find new and better ways of doing things. If you’re feeling frustrated with the systems and processes in your business, but you don’t know where to start, just drop us a line.   

We do a bunch of other stuff too. I won't bore you here. Go read some more

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Andrew Haynes

B.Com B Fin. Chartered Accountant.

I’m the founder and small business accountant here at Kindred. I’ve spent more than a decade working with small business owners and I’ve been one myself for half that time.

My favourite food is cassoulet and I like to turn up Gang of Youths a bit too loud in the office. If I could find some more time I’d spend it trying to turn pro at Heroes of the Storm.

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Elyse Haynes

Small Business Bookkeeper

Andrew and I met at work, and we’ve dazzled each other with our wits ever since. I’ve worked as administrator within recruitment and an energy consultancy but changed careers when our first born came along. I’ve spent the last few years as a full time Mum and I’ve never worked harder!

I like to do the crossfit, but I also like to eat all of the cheese. It's a winning combination. 

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Naomi Craggs

Business Administrator

I’m a Pastor and a school teacher but I’m also darn good at just about everything so I spend my spare time keeping the Kindred Team in shape. I’m very, very organised.


We've got Xero skills out the wazoo. 

Andrew was one of the very early adopters for Xero accounting software here in Australia. He was working at a mid-tier accountancy firm in Newcastle at the time and championed the cause. In a short period of time he helped more than a hundred businesses move from systems like MYOB & Quickbooks over to Xero. 

He went on to join Growthwise where they won the coveted Xero Partner of the Year award in 2012. 

If you need help with Xero or want to find out more, we're your guys. But don't just listen to me, here's what Cherie has to say.   

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Get more time and money out of your business.

Spend it on what you truly value:

Your family. 

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We believe in honesty & integrity, in speaking truth & living true to our word. We value relationship - the bond between people that comes with the investment of time, generosity and understanding.

We see incredible power released in the act of giving to others and we approach every day with gratefulness.